Client Video Production Spotlight

Each of our clients has a unique brand story, identity, style and message, so it's a top priority for our agency to ensure their one-of-a-kind blueprint is prominent in each client's video production project. To accomplish this, we've adopted a collective model for our agency, collaborating with an exclusive agency approved creative list, which includes the most elite brand partners around.  This helps us to provide a fresh, individualized, innovative production plan that meets our clients' respective needs for every single production project. After all, no two clients are alike, so why should their projects be?



Dr. Sidjae Price

For this client project, we partnered with the ever so talented, South Florida-based Dionysisus Burton of DIOBURTO PHOTOGRAPHY to produce our client Dr. Sidjae Price's brand promo video for the launch of her new Amazon best-selling book and website. As she's worked with our agency under our personal brand coaching & consulting programs & services, Dr. Price was taking the bold leap from hiding behind her business, Priceless Planning, to owning the spotlight as the beauty behind the brand - so it was imperative to capture Dr. Price's unique brand style with authenticity.

The results have been amazing for her personal brand as she's been featured on iHeart Radio as well as booking her first international speaking engagement.



Dr. Delia Tuttle

Our client Delia Tuttle is a medical doctor turned Periodontal Therapy & Cosmetic Dentistry Expert, and world-class, international educator and speaker.  Our agency partnered with Southern California based videographer Ercell Watson, to direct & produce Dr. Tuttle's brand story video; highlighting not only her unique expertise in the dental industry as the creator of the "Gum Drop" technique, her "Divas In Dentistry" organization, but her powerful story and humble beginnings in Romania to being a well respected, highly sought after dental expert in the United States and abroad.

Delia has graced the cover of many national and international publications, and has been a featured TedX speaker in Germany.


Victoria Frye

HR Professional turned Certified Buti Yoga Instructor, Victoria Frye, worked closely with our Founder & Creative Director Elle Jones on her 15-second promo video for a wellness event where she was a featured guest expert and speaker.

As a result of her on-camera training and video production project with Elle, Victoria has gone on to book numerous speaking engagements, been featured as a top Certified Buti Yoga instructor, experienced at 60% increase in her class attendance each session, invited to demo her speciality practice at the world renowned Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio, and secured a modeling contract with a national wellness company; where her likeness is featured on a prominent ceiling to floor mural at the company's headquarters.


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