About The Book

Life provides us with endless opportunities to exercise our faith, many times in the most uncomfortable ways.

But, when we choose to embrace those unpredictable faith tests with courage, we not only learn so much about ourselves, inner strength and capabilities, we get to experience massive growth and life through a new lens.

Whether you’re starting a new business, chasing your dreams, praying for healing, struggling with forgiveness, or trying to fix a broken relationship, your next level and elevation will require a major dose of faith to overcome the fear that comes with making bold, life-changing moves.

If you want to experience real change in your life, you’ll have to truly embrace the unknown and be fully committed to move forward in faith.

In “Faith Forward, Intimate & Modern Stories of Faith To Propel You Forward,” a #1 Amazon Best Seller, K. Elle Jones shares how she and others, through a collection of compelling stories of faith-based authors, embraced disruption to step into a life full of significance & purpose.

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