Welcome to ELLEvate NOW!™, the premiere empowerment lifestyle brand and consulting business for the ambitious, high-achieving woman on-the-go who's ready to elevate her personal brand, business, and life!  Here is where self-care, sisterhood, purpose, all things fabulous, inspiration and empowerment meet. 

Here is where branding, business, beauty, self-care, sisterhood, purpose, inspiration, empowerment and education meet.  What began as an space to share my story, leveraging the power of blogging in 2012, has since evolved into something much more powerful and transformative: an online space and brand where women are inspired and empowered to stop hiding, stand in their power, celebrate their individuality &

A 15+ year lupus survivor living with several other autoimmune diseases as a result, once a young, single mother who later married, lost everything, was separated and homeless before reconciling with her husband of 12 years, Elle Jones is the epitome of strength, resilience, hope, and the powerful example that you can truly have and live the life of your dreams with faith, perseverance, and hard-work.

[Tweet "I was raised to believe no matter what your circumstances are. The belief of something, good or bad, can literally change your life! ~ ELLE JONES"]

It was after facing a near-death setback with Lupus, a month long stay in ICU, and several intensives, debilitating rounds of chemotherapy that Elle received the vision for what is now known today as ELLEvate NOW!™

ELLEvate NOW!™ is designed to inspire, empower, and elevate women committed to living a purposeful life with a touch of style and class.  As a self-proclaimed beauty enthusiast, tech nerd, and research nut, Elle leverages all things beauty, technology, and business to equip women all over the world, dedicated to creating inspiring content for women, equipping them with practical, usable tools for an elevated brand, business, and life.

A staunch supporter of female empowerment and entrepreneurship through the #ELLEVATEYOURLIFEBRUNCH, a signature lifestyle empowerment brunch for women, Elle is a heart-centered entrepreneur, personal brand strategist, visual storyteller, video producer, and speaker dedicated to inspiring and empowering ambitious women who are leaders, business owners, wives and mothers just like you, who are ready to drop-kick overwhelm, self-doubt, fear, and frustration, and own their spotlight with bold confidence and authenticity, while looking stylishly chic doing it.

Elle's favorite quote is one that she lives by daily, and encourages other women to boldly do the same: 

"I want to be a woman who overcomes obstacles by tackling them in faith instead of tiptoeing around them in fear." ~ Renee Swope.


Living an elevated life is the only way to live!